Street Fighter V Getting New Character, Classic Stages, Costumes Next Week

UPDATE: Abigail is the next fighter to join the party! Check out the debut trailer above!

Street Fighter V is still in the midst of its second season, but Capcom is going all out to make sure fans are satisfied with the game by adding some nostalgic – and much requested – content to the game.

The next content is set to arrive on July 25th, and features a mixture of old and new content that fighting fans are sure to appreciate. One stage in particular, as you can see above, should be very familiar – it’s the Suzaku Castle stage that first debuted in the original Street Fighter II back in 1991.

In addition, Alex, Juri and Abuki will be getting new costumes, including some throwbacks from Street Fighter III and IV, based on the characters.

The costumes will cost $3.99 apiece, while the stage hasn’t been given a price point as of yet.

That’s not all, as a new stage called Kanzuki Family Stadium will also be added to the game, taking inspiration from the current Capcom Pro Tour. On top of that, Ryu and Ken will also be getting special costumes based on that background, should fans feel inclined to pick them up. The costumes will go for $5.99 apiece, while the Kanzuki Family Stadium stage will be available for $9.99.

As for the remainder of Season 2’s content, it still has yet to be scheduled, but there’s a good chance we could get an unveiling later tonight when the Street Fighter V finals conclude at EVO 2017. From there, we have a pretty good idea of what could be coming for the third season for the game, though Capcom has yet to confirm what’s happening. More than likely, we’ll learn more about that particular season in early 2018, when the second season comes to a close.

Still, there’s some pretty good content on the way next week, and there’s no question that Suzaku Castle will drum up some nostalgia for fans that got their start early in the Street Fighter series. Now if we can just get some other stages added that will bring back memories of the simpler days of the series. We’d certainly be down.

Street Fighter V is available now for PC and PlayStation 4.