New Pokemon Movie Is Coming to Theaters for Two Nights

The newest Pokemon movie is getting a limited theatrical release in the US and other parts of the world. Fathom Events announced that Pokemon: I Choose You will appear in theaters on November 5 and 6 at select theaters.

The new movie is a retelling of Ash and Pikachu's earliest adventures together, albeit with liberal changes to Ash's history. Brock and Misty were controversially replaced by two new characters created specifically for the film, and the movie uses several generations of Pokemon instead of creatures from the original video game and anime series.

Fathom will release more information, including theater locations and ticketing dates, at a later time. Fans can visit to sign up for more release details when they become available.

Although some fans were upset about Misty and Brock's exclusion in the movie, that hasn't prevented Pokemon: I Choose You from opening as the top movie when it arrived in Japanese theaters earlier this month. The new movie has also gotten a major marketing push from the Pokemon Company, including promotions featuring Pikachu wearing Ash's iconic hats in multiple games.

While a limited theatrical release is big news, it also means that fans can also expect the Mythical Pokemon Marshadow to arrive in the United States. Marshadow was released in Japan earlier this year to promote the new movie, and will likely get distributed to fans in November to promote the movie's international release. Marshadow isn't available to catch in normal gameplay, so players will want to keep an eye out for more details about when to grab that Pokemon later this year.

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