If You’ve Been Needing A PlayStation VR, Amazon Has A Stellar Deal Right Now

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The PlayStation VR headset may not be for everyone, but it offers enough immersive video game experiences to be worth a look, especially if you’re looking for first-person action games, or something that really puts you in the shoes of a particular character – even Batman.

And if you’ve been waiting for the right deal to come along to get your hands on one, Amazon has just what you need.

Originally reported by Polygon, a bundle deal for the PlayStation VR headset is now available, going for $399.99. The deal includes the headset, which already sells on its own for that price, as well as the PlayStation Camera, which is required to capture the precision of movement with the headset. So you’re already getting a $59.99 accessory on the house.

That isn’t all, though. Amazon is also including a trio of free download codes for games on the PlayStation 4 that work with the headset. There’s PlayStation VR Worlds, which offers a number of unique experiences for the device; RIGS: Mechanized Combat League, a thrilling sports/action game that really draws you in; and Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, a harrowing first-person shooter adventure where pretty much everything is out to get you. So you get those games, valued at a total of $60, as well.

Finally, there’s the bargain that will help seal the deal for particular buyers. If you enter the code PSVRGAMES in the offer code screen (before you check out), you’ll also nab an additional $100 off the bundle. In short, that’ll give you the PSVR headset, the camera and the games for the low price of $299.99. Not bad at all, especially if you’re looking to shop for a bargain.

You can find the deal here, and it appears to still be in stock at the moment. However, it wouldn’t surprise us if units were flying out the door pretty fast, so we suggest jumping sooner rather than later. Also, keep in mind that the deal does not include PlayStation Move controllers, and some games, like Rush of Blood, do require those.

The PlayStation VR headset is available now.