New Pokemon Adventures Illustration Book Now Available

(Photo: VIZ Media)

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A new Pokemon art book called Pokemon Adventures 20th Anniversary Illustration Book: The Art of Pokemon Adventures is now available for purchase, a vibrant collection of illustrations from well-known artist Satoshi Yamamoto.

While the book would make an excellent addition to any Pokemon fan’s collection, those who follow the Pokemon Adventures graphic novels will definitely want to take a look at the new item to bring some of their favorite characters and Pokemon under the umbrella of one book. With Yamamoto having worked in the manga industry for over two decades and being the same artist who works on the graphic novels, you can expect much of the same impressive level of work to be found in the new art book.

Though some other art books and graphic novel collections stick to the timelines and events established in the anime, Pokemon Adventures is known for being a mostly game-based series of stories.

The illustrations are the main component of The Art of Pokemon Adventures that Pokemon fans can look forward to, but it won’t be the only attractive part of the book by any means. In addition to the fully-colored graphics in the art book, more features are also included in the piece that include several exclusive sketches and storyboards, four different pull-out posters, and perhaps best of all, a new manga side story that’s being published in English for the first time in Pokemon Adventures history.

TheArtOfPokemonAdventures (1)
(Photo: VIZ Media)

“The artwork of one of pop culture’s most beloved properties is beautifully showcased in this oversize, colorful edition,” says Annette Roman, the editor of the illustration book’s publisher, VIZ Media. “We look forward to fans of all ages enjoying this unique new release this summer!”

Along with the announcement of the new illustration book, VIZ Media also revealed in a press release that a set of five activity books called Pokemon Seek and Find will also be releasing in early 2018.

Pokemon Adventures 20th Anniversary Illustration Book: The Art of Pokemon Adventures is available now as an exclusive print release with a suggested price of $24.99, not a bad cost for an addition to your Pokemon collection. However, there’s currently a deal going on right now where you can pick up the art book here for just over $16, if you act quickly.