League of Legends' Edge of Night, Sterak's Gage Buffs Coming Soon

Zed League of Legends
(Photo: Riot Games)

Several of League of Legends’ items and champions are expected to receive changes in Patch 7.19 that include Edge of Night, Malphite, and other recently discussed areas.

The changes aren’t set in stone at the moment, and some of the items suggested were brought up by Riot Meddler simply as possible items to be looked at. Champions that have received PBE tests during the recent cycle have a bit clearer direction with their changes due to recent talks and discussions, but their buffs and nerfs could still change before the patch after next goes live.

From tanky items to support options, below are all of the items brought up for potential changes by Meddler in a recent Gameplay Thoughts discussion:

  • Sterak's gage: Buff, potentially with a melee/ranged split if needed.
  • Zeke's: Buff, details TBD.
  • Edge of Night: Buff, details also TBD.
  • Stoneplate: Investigation, looking in particular at whether it's too attractive an item on fighters (is the trade-off they're making for it meaningful enough?)
  • Righteous Glory: Investigation, looking at whether it's too strong when rushed especially
  • Ardent Censer: Nerf, potentially including removing one of the three benefits it gives (AS, heal on AA, damage on AA) with a portion of the removed power being then put into the remaining effects.

Righteous Glory, Ardent Censer, and Gargoyle Stoneplate are items that can be seen pretty frequently in games, so it makes perfect sense that they’d be looked at for potential nerfs. Sterak’s Gage seems to be a pretty underused item compared to other similar options, but squishier champion mains might not be too fond of the Edge of Night buff that’ll increase the power of lethality-using assassins.

Three champions were also discussed along with the mentioning of Azir’s and Xin Zhao’s updates that are expected to ship during the patch as well:

  • Malphite: Significantly increased armor while his passive's up, with some power pulled elsewhere. Likely hitting Q less than previous version tested.
  • Aatrox: Second half of Q being non uninterruptible, with a likely buff elsewhere as well (still determining what)
  • Vayne: Buffs and game health, with Q bonus damage no longer able to crit, Q AD ratio up, W minimum damage up, W starting % down (same at max) and R duration extending on takedown.

Meddler closed out the discussion by acknowledging that Udyr was absent from the champions listed and saying that the jungler’s changes will still take some time to finalize.