George Orwell's Infamous 'Animal Farm' Book is Being Made into a Videogame

For many of us, Animal Farm was a book that most of read in High School (or pretended to, at least). The novel by esteemed auther George Orwell is considered a cult classic and a staple in modern-day literature. The chance to revisit the unique tale is coming quickly because the Orwell estate has officially given the greenlight for an accurate videogame adaptation.

Bossa Studios (Surgeon Simulator, Worlds Adrift) founder Imre Jele, A Brave Plan Georg Baker (Black & White, Fable), Kate Saxon (Witcher 3), Andy Payne (Just Flight), and Chinese Room (Everybody's Gone to the Rapture) founder Jessica Curry are all lined up at the helm for this new project. They have described this new adventure as an "adventure-tycoon game" and it promises to stay true to the source material. According the main game's summary:

"The Animal Farm game will be an adventure-tycoon, placing the player in the Manor Farm as one of the animals just before the revolution, and will follow their journey through the ups and downs of Animalism. The gameplay will combine story choices and the running of the farm into a consistent narrative, giving players a chance to experience the consequences of their decisions first hand."

Animal Farm
(Photo: Animal Farm Game)

The game will have the player begin their journey during "turbulent times where established democracies are coming under attack from all sides." Animal Farm will put players into the role of one of the animals seen at Manor Farm just in time to be apart of the revolution. The team promises a completely immersive experience where decisions are paramount. Every decision matters, every misstep: a dire consequence.

In a time where some companies are making it very clear to either dive right in with politics, or steer clear of the mess all together; the Animal Farm team is being very upfront about the fact that this is a politically driven game, just like the source material. George Orwell is no stranger to going for the jugular during political strife. The author is the mind behind of the biggest references to political overture there is: 1984. That being said, the team is very clear that they will continue to honor that with the upcoming game:

"We’re living in very disturbing times. Whilst we all thought that the world was making real social progress, we actually fell asleep and failed to notice dark corporate and political powers silencing all dissent. We are dedicated to maintaining an independent creative process; responsible only to George Orwell’s work and to our audience."

There is no release date at this time for Animal Farm, but the team being the upcoming dystopian title promises more info during the "later stages" of the game's progress.