League of Legends Patch 7.18 Has Been Delayed

(Photo: Riot Games)

Update: The status page now indicates that the patch is back on track and will be applied during the normal time.

It might take a while longer for League of Legends’ Patch 7.18 to roll out after a service status update advised that there was a setback with the patch.

Over on the status page where players can check to see if League of Legends is experiencing any type of issues with the network that would affect any part of the game or other features, an update posted around 4 p.m. CT stated that there was an issue with the patch. Two updates posted at the same time one after the other state mostly the same thing by explaining that a last-minute problem is preventing a timely update.

“Patch 7.18 is temporarily on hold while we fix a last-minute issue,” the service status update reads. “We’ll let you know once everything’s been resolved and we have a new release date.

The announcement doesn’t offer any other details about what kind of issue the patching process is going through – it simply says that there’s a problem that’s being worked on.

With the patch notes revealed earlier today after a 3-week gap between the patches that was a bit longer than the typical 2-week wait, Patch 7.18 was expected to roll out sometime on Wednesday during the wee hours of the morning. Players typically wake up the next day to a plethora of changes to champions and items as well as new skins, but that routine may not work for this patch.

League’s Patch 7.18 didn’t have any outstanding changes do the game’s balance since the update is shipping so close to Worlds, but it still included plenty of buffs and nerfs to various items and champs. Gragas’ hit box on his Body Slam was changed, and Ornn received tons of changes as well.

Emotes are one of the more notable changes that’s being added to the game, another form of expression like the mastery and professional team emotes that can be used in-game. If you’re not big on the idea of watching your enemies BM you all over the map, you can always mute them to avoid seeing the new feature.

The full patch notes can be seen here, and more information will likely come soon from the service status page.