League of Legends: Riot Explains Why Star Guardian Urgot Isn't a Thing

(Photo: Riot Games)

The League of Legends team responsible for creating the massive Star Guardian event recently held an AMA on Reddit where they addressed the inevitable question: Where’s Star Guardian Urgot?

With the rework of Urgot shipping so close to the big Star Guardian event that brought special loot and new skins, the question about the fan-requested skin was bound to show up during the AMA. The team asked that all comments and questions be kept to Star Guardian content, but despite the skin for Urgot not actually existing in-game, the meme has become almost as much of a part of the game as the current Star Guardian skins are.

But are the many players who call for Star Guardian Urgot to be a thing really planning on purchasing the skin and grinding up enemies with sprays of glitter, or are they simply meme-ing about a funny concept? Riot Games’ I am Carlos, the product manager on the Star Guardian team, seems to think that the latter is true.

“The only reservation we have with him is that he doesn’t really make sense in the two teams of Star Guardians that we have delivered to players so far,” I am Carlos wrote during the AMA. “He comes up in our conversations A LOT though since he is such a meme.”

Star Guardian Urgot actually already has a fan-made version for the pre-rework version of the champion, a pink and purple monstrosity with stars and cutesy features galore. When stacking up ideas like Star Guardian Urgot up against other ideas like Dark Star Urgot, it's clear that he's got better skins to be considered more realistically.

Pointing to another meme-turned-skin, I am Carlos brought up Baker Pantheon, a skin that comes from one of the champion’s quotes about wanting to be a baker. They did the work and made the skin, but when it was finished, it seemed that most players didn’t actually want to play as Baker Pantheon – they just thought it would be a funny option.

“We want to be very deliberate in making sure that a skin we give to players of a champion is something they actually want to play,” I am Carlos continued. “How many Urgot players here would actually be really psyched about a Star Guardian Urgot skin?”

Some responders pitched the idea of Urgot’s Star Guardian skin instead being an April Fool’s Day release, something like the Definitely Not skins that jokingly outfits the Dreadnought with an ill-fitting style. The Rioter’s response didn’t completely rule out the Star Guardian skin coming for Urgot in some smaller shape or form later on, but it definitely didn’t indicate that such a cosmetic would be coming anytime soon.




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