Mario Party: The Top 100 Brings the Best of Mario Party to 3DS This November

Nintendo, during the latest Nintendo Direct presentation, Nintendo revealed an insane new Mario Party compilation on the Nintendo 3DS which combines all of the best mini-games from every single Mario Party console release into one massive party game. Check out the reveal trailer above!

The best part about this release? Only one of your friends is required to own the game, while others can join in via download play. Or, I guess you could be that friend. Either way, whether you're bringing your 3DS to school, to campus, to work, or just to the living room, any of your friends or loved ones with a system can connect to your system and play.

From today's press release: "For the first time, 100 of the top mini-games from the console Mario Party games can be played on a hand-held system. Mario Party: The Top 100 supports local Download Play, so up to four players who each own a Nintendo 3DS family system can enjoy the game together with only one game card. Take a tour through all the mischief, magic and memories the series has to offer when it launches on Nov. 10."

You can plainly see that the older Mario Party games from the N64 days have received a reinvigorating new coat of paint, and look better than ever. Whether you're a Mario Party freak whose checked in for every single release, or a prodigal fan returning to the series for the first time in ages, The Top 100 is hands-down the best way to dive back in and get your friends all playing again.

Thankfully the 3DS features a much more comfortable joystick than the one we were forced to use back in the 64-bit era. That plastic N64 joystick was the source of so much pain and suffering and so many blisters. Get the party started in comfort when Mario Party: The Top 100 launches on November 10!



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