Super Mario Odyssey Getting Its Own Nintendo Switch Bundle

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Have you been waiting to buy a Nintendo Switch until Super Mario Sunshine arrives on store shelves? Well, you might just be able to knock out two birds with one stone, as a special bundle featuring the forthcoming game has just been announced.

Revealed during the Nintendo Direct special that took place earlier today, the Super Mario Odyssey Nintendo Switch bundle comes with a system, as well as two JoyCons that are colored red, just like Mario’s trademark hat. You’ll also get a digital copy of Odyssey to download to your system, so you won’t have to wait to jump in the fun.

In addition, a limited edition carrying case is also being included in the package, with a red design and a picture of Mario’s special hat on the front of it. This’ll enable you to carry around your Nintendo Switch with ease, while showing everyone just what kind of a Mario devotee you really are.

The system hasn’t been priced yet, but there’s a good chance it could go for around $349, since the system does include a game and a carrying case along with it, since it usually goes for $299 by itself. Nintendo plans to launch the system on October 27th, the same day that Super Mario Odyssey becomes available.

While the Nintendo Switch system itself doesn’t feature any sort of Mario designs (it’s just a base model outside of the special JoyCons that are included), this is still a great way to hop onboard the Nintendo Switch express if you haven’t already. And there’s a good chance that the bundle will sell out quickly, considering how highly popular the system is right now in terms of availability.

It’s unknown just how limited the Super Mario Odyssey bundle will be, so once it goes up for pre-order, you might want to go ahead and get yours in, just in case. After all, it’s not everyday you get to purchase a system that’s all about Super Mario, right down to the carrying case.

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Super Mario Odyssey releases for Nintendo Switch on October 27th. If you don’t want to buy the bundle, you can get the game digitally on the eShop, or physically as well. In fact, Amazon Prime members can save 20% when they pre-order.



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