Two New Pokemon Nintendo 2DS XL Systems Are On The Way


Whenever a new Pokemon-themed handheld system hits store shelves, it usually has a habit of selling out quickly – just ask anyone that’s tried to get their hands on one of those Pikachu 3DS XL systems that came out so long ago without paying hundreds of dollars.

So, with that, Nintendo has yet another one in the pipeline, as the company has announced that it will be releasing yet another Pokemon-themed system, this time in the form of a special Nintendo 2DS XL system that’s decorated like a Pokemon ball.

The system, which is set to hit shelves on November 3rd, will feature a system decked out like a Pokeball, with a switch-like cover on the front and red and white décor all over it, so that it actually looks like something you’d take out and throw. (Word of advice – DON’T THROW IT!) The system is likely to just be sold on its own, as it’s not likely to be packed in with any extra games. But at least it’ll come with the AC adapter and the stylus, so you’ll get those.

Although a price wasn’t revealed just yet, it’s likely to be somewhere between $150-$200, since it’ll be a big collector’s item for fans of the franchise.

And if that’s not enough, based on the photo below, another special Pikachu edition looks to be making its way out in Japan, alongside the 2DS XL version that we’re getting. It doesn’t appear that we’ll be getting this model, but you should be able to import the system with ease – provided that you can find a place to pre-order it right away. They’re going to go quickly.


The system will feature all the components that come with the 2DS model, including an 83 percent larger sized screen, a right stick for more precise controls, and Amiibo support, so you can scan certain Amiibo within your game. It’s not known whether forthcoming Pokemon games will have this support yet, but it’s nice to have it and not really need it.

Look for price confirmation and more details on this awesome system soon. Give it to us!