Project Octopath Traveler Gets a Gorgeous New Trailer and Demo on Nintendo Switch

During the recent Nintendo Direct we got a brand new look at one of my most anticipated games headed to Nintendo Switch: Project Octopath Traveler. This is an innovative and downright gorgeous new RPG from Square Enix. This is coming to us from the producers of Bravely Default, and even with this new "HD-2D" graphics engine, their design sensibilities are almost immediately recognizable in the beautiful backgrounds and aesthetic. Check out the new trailer above.

"The producers of Bravely Default at Square Enix present a new RPG brought to life through a mixture of CG, pixel art and visual wizardry. Project Octopath Traveler launches worldwide in 2018. But fans can try out a free demo for the game in Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch starting … today!"

You read that correctly! There's a Project Octopath Traveler demo available on the Nintendo Switch eShop right now for you to download and enjoy, and you better believe that as soon as this article goes live, I'll be diving in head-first.

There's something about Octopath Traveler that reminds me so much of Saga Frontier on the original PlayStation. That game also featured multiple characters whose stories weaved in and out of a collective meta narrative in unique ways. In Octopath, each character will have a unique skill or ability that he or she can use during their travels to manipulate the environment or manipulate certain characters.

The strong-willed warrior Olberic is able to challenge NPC characters who stand in his way. Whether attempting to bring a dishonest ne'er-do-well to justice or forcing a guard to let you pass through a door, Olberic's ability will enable you to trigger some interesting duels that you won't get to see anywhere. Primrose, on the other hand, is a dancer who can charm and enchant those around her. Lure unsuspecting enemies into traps, or talk the local drunk into following you and aiding you in battle! Long eyelashes and a quick wit go far in this land.

The official listing gives us a few more details about combat: "Combat revolves around the Boost system, a fusion of traditional turn-based battling and modern enhancements. Each turn, build up BP that can be spent to dramatically increase your strength or provide aid. Identifying when to Boost may just be the key to victory."

Project Octopath Traveler is slated to hit Nintendo Switch some time next year. We'll update you with our demo impressions soon, so stay tuned!



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