The Division is Free-to-Play This Week for PC Players

For those interested in trying out the Ubisoft shooter The Division, now's the time because this weekend the title is free-to-play for all PC players with full access to the base game.

There are no caps for the free-to-play event, which begins September 14th and lasts until the 17th. Though the trial version does not include any of the subsequent DLC content, the entire base game in itself is entirely available to try out for free. This particular run is currently only available for those intending to play on the PC platform.

For players that participated in the free weekend and decided they just couldn't put it down, the full game will also be on sale for a discounted price during this weekend. If you liked it, get savings - if you didn't, free game time. It's a win/win for the PC community.

The incentive behind this free event is in preparation for the Resistance update slated for a Fall release. The new update will freshen up gameplay a bit with new modes and a brand new area called West Side Pier for players to explore. The upcoming update will also be free, including a new PvE mode as well.

The Division is now available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC players.



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