Pokemon Go: Entei Arrives in North and South America

Pokemon Go's Legendary Pokemon are officially on the move.

At 4 PM ET, all three Legendary Beasts migrated to new locations. Entei has moved to North and South America, Raikou has moved to Asia and Australia, and Suicune has appeared in Europe and Africa.

Pokemon Go previously announced that the Legendary Beasts would move by the end of today. However, they did not say where the Pokemon would move to or whether there would be any overlap where multiple Legendary Pokemon would appear in the same area.

Anyone who manages to catch the new Legendary Pokemon during the next three days will also get Triple XP as part of the currently ongoing Equinox event.

Players in Asia, Australia, North America, and South America will be pretty pleased with the new Legendary Raids, as both Entei and Raikou are some of the most powerful Pokemon in Pokemon Go. Both Pokemon can be defeated with 4-6 player raid groups, provided each players brings an idealized team of Pokemon.

All three new Legendary Pokemon will remain in their new homes through the end of October. On October 31, the Legendary Pokemon will move once again. In November, Suicune will appear in the Americas, Entei will appear in Asia and Australia, and Raikou will arrive in Europe and Africa.

Once the three Legendary Beasts have completed their rotations, they'll be totally unavailable in Pokemon Go...at least until the game's developers throw another major event.