Pokemon Go's Legendary Beasts Will Migrate Today

Today is your last chance to catch whichever Legendary Pokemon is roaming in your area in Pokemon Go.

At some point today, Pokemon Go's newest Legendary Pokemon will migrate continents, which means that players will no longer be able to catch whichever Pokemon is currently appearing in Raids in their area.

Right now, Raikou is battling trainers in North and South America, Entei is battling trainers in Europe and Africa, and Suicune is appearing in Asia and Australia. Pokemon Go hasn't announced where each of the Legendary Pokemon will appear next. When the Legendary Pokemon DO migrate, they'll stay in their new areas until the end of October before migrating to their final destination in November.

Players will want to try to catch the new Legendary Pokemon as soon as possible. Players can earn triple XP for adding a new Pokemon to their Pokedex through October 3rd. And if past Legendary Pokemon appearances are any indication, there will probably be a lot more people trying to catch the new Pokemon when it first appears, so raids will be a lot easier.

As of this morning (9:30 AM ET), the migration hasn't occurred yet. Based on past Legendary Pokemon switchovers, it's definitely possible that two Legendary Pokemon could appear in the same area before the migration finishes up.

We'll have more coverage on the Legendaries on the move later this weekend, so be sure to visit back to see if any Pokemon Go has any more surprises in store for players.