Pokemon Go's Equinox Event is Over, But Players Can Still Buy Super Incubators

Pokemon Go's Equinox Event is over, but players still have at least a short window to stock up on an item put on sale during the event.

As promised, Pokemon Go ended their Equinox Event at approximately 4 PM ET today. As soon as the end time hit, players immediately noticed that they were no longer getting double Stardust for every Pokemon they caught or hatch. The game's Pokemon eggs have also returned to their normal state, with rare Pokemon like Larvitar and Mareep no longer hatching from 2 KM eggs.

We should note that any egg obtained during the event can still hatch a rare Pokemon. The change affects eggs obtained after the event ended only.

There is one part of the Equinox Event that is still going strong. As of press time, players can still purchase the special boxes containing Super Incubators and other special items at a discount of about 50%.

The Super Incubators are a new type of Incubator that hatches eggs at three times their normal speed. That means that players only need to walk 3.33 kilometers to hatch an egg that usually takes 10 KM to hatch.

Super Incubators haven't gone on sale individually, so players can currently only buy them via the special boxes that went on sale at the start of the Equinox event. The boxes also contain a mix of lure modules and lucky eggs, depending on which type of box you buy.

The boxes are actually a pretty good deal, so you might want to take advantage of buying one (or more) while you still can. After all, there's no telling when players can pick up a Super Incubator again, or whether players will be able to get them at such a heavy discount.