'Pokemon Go' Debunks Reports of Ho-Oh EX Raids

A wild Pokemon Go rumor posted over the weekend was officially debunked by Niantic.

Earlier this weekend, we reported on an alleged email sent out to a Pokemon Go player by Niantic's Japanese support. The email supposedly contained a surprising amount of information about Pokemon Go's future plans, including that field tests for Mewtwo had ended and that Ho-Oh would be the next EX Raid Boss released in December.

While it seemed a bit... unusual for Niantic to release so much information about future plans, their customer service has done strange things in the past, such as when a rogue employee released a single Articuno and Ditto into the wild months before they were available to other players. The email, which was written in Japanese, also didn't contain the obvious typos or grammatical errors that most hoaxes involving alleged Japanese Pokemon leaks have.

However, Niantic confirmed that the email was fake. A Niantic customer service representative that frequents Reddit stated that he had reviewed Niantic's internal support ticket system and found that their staff did not send out this email.

While some Pokemon Go players will likely be disappointed by the news, there's still plenty of other Pokemon Go news to get excited about. Not only is the Halloween event just a few weeks away, there's more evidence that Niantic is prepping to launch Gen 3 in the coming weeks. And considering EX Raids don't seem to be very popular among the Pokemon Go userbase, it might be a good thing that Niantic isn't confirming that other popular Pokemon will only be available via invitation.