'Star Wars Battlefront Ultimate Edition' Is the Price of a Bagel on PlayStation

Star Wars Battlefront II is right around the corner, launching on November 17th. If you ever wanted to try the original, but were wary of the cost, you'll be glad to know that you can pick up Star Wars Battlefront Ultimate Edition on PlayStation 4 right now for only $5.09.

For your very humble investment, you'll unlock one of the prettiest games on the PS4 to date, the Death Star expansion, the Bespin expansion, and some gnarly Rogue One VR content for those of you lucky enough to own a PlayStation VR. There are also hordes of exclusive weapons you'll unlock straight away. From the official PlayStation Store description:

"The STAR WARS Battlefront Ultimate Edition has everything fans need to live out their STAR WARS battle fantasies. In addition to the STAR WARS Battlefront Deluxe Edition, Rebels and Imperials alike will be able to expand their galaxy with the STAR WARS Battlefront Season Pass, which includes four upcoming expansion packs filled with new content, two-week early access to each expansion and an exclusive Shoot First emote. The STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT Deluxe Edition unlocks five exciting in-game items:

  • Inflict more damage on enemy vehicles with the Ion Grenade.
  • The Ion Torpedo locks on to and delivers extra damage to your opponents’ vehicles.
  • Made famous by Han Solo, the DL-44 is the blaster of choice for scoundrels across the universe.
  • Get electrified with the Ion Shock emote, available exclusively in the Deluxe Edition.
  • Celebrate your win in style and pump your fist in the air with the exclusive Victory emote."

When this game launched for $60, people complained that it didn't have enough depth to it. For $5 and some change, we think you're going to get more than your money's worth out of it. This is the perfect thing to tide you over until Battlefront II comes out next month, so don't hesitate!