Super Mario Odyssey Carries The Spirit Of Previous Games


Super Mario Odyssey has been making some big waves as of late, with a new music video that’s got our toes tapping, along with an early review score that indicates we’re in for quite a treat.

And to reiterate that Odyssey is very much a Super Mario game, Nintendo veteran Yoshiaki Koizumi recently spoke with GamesMaster Magazine about how the spirit of the plumber (well, ex-plumber) is alive and well in Odyssey.

He noted, “I’ve been involved on pretty much all the 3D Mario titles since 64. And as you design and develop those games you’re constantly making discoveries about what works in a 3D Mario game, so I would say they’re all kind of connected. It’s like Super Mario Odyssey has the DNA of all of those in it.”

And it makes sense. While the introduction of Cappy in the game does bring some new elements to the table, the traditional 3D exploration theme is intact – and should bring the magic of Mario to the Nintendo Switch with ease.

In addition, Mario’s travels play a big part in the game, according to Koizumi. “One of the main themes of this game is travel. You’re traveling to a place for the first time and you encounter people or inhabitants there that have characteristics you’ve never seen before, so it’s surprising. Creating those new characters and new enemies was a really important part of the overall game design.

“When Mario is in New Donk City, he’s quite a lot shorter than the real people that live there, but that’s something I’ve also felt in real life when traveling. You know, the differences in the size of people is something that makes you feel, ‘Oh yeah, I’m abroad now’."

Oh, and the phrase "When in Rome [New Donk City] do as the Romans [New Donkians] do” is totally a thing.

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We can’t wait to experience this magic for ourselves when Super Mario Odyssey releases on October 27th for Nintendo Switch. Currently, Amazon Prime members can save 20% when they pre-order.