George Takei Just Blasted Donald Trump About Those Alleged Russian Tapings

George Takei made one of the most epic Donald Trump burns to date. The Star Trek actor took to Twitter to post about the President-elect's alleged ties to Russia.Takei tweeted: 'So if these secret Russian tapings of Trump's escapades took place at the [...]


  1. GWF1987

    It shows how stupid Hollywood really is that they will run with a story that was pushed by Buzzfeed that began falling apart as soon as they posted the story.

    Hollywood think they're Gods and think they know more than the poor people they despise so much, but them believing this story just shows how detached from reality these idiots really are.

    Not surprising when all of these idiots live in a land of make believe where they get paid to pretend to be someone else.

  2. TJsPider

  3. TJsPider

    Fluck you and your bs

  4. Anonymous48128

     Why is this on your site? Does this have anything to do with comic books at all? 

  5. CriticalBlast

    Look at all those celebrities that just got trolled by Buzzfeed. 

  6. Fukku

    How is takei still relevant. Fuck up about stupid shitty crap like this.

  7. DarkWater

    When did comic book. Com become CNN?
  8. CB166410

    Correction: MSM got trolled by 4chan
  9. Losls2

    Let me roll my eyes. To his credit, Takei's Tweet is funny. The other obnoxious Hollywood Elites, not so much.