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Last Updated 10/2/2015
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    S1:E1 Pilot 93.20 Composite
    CW's The Flash

    Nine months after the S.T.A.R. Labs explosion, Barry awakens to find a lot has changed while he was in a coma. With his new [Read More] friends and powers Barry must try to right the wrongs of his new mentor, the owner of S.T.A.R. Labs. [Collapse]

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    S1:E2 Fastest Man Alive 88.11 Composite
    CW's The Flash

    Barry escorts Iris to a university gathering honoring scientist Simon Stagg. When six gunmen storm the event, Barry changes into [Read More] The Flash and tries to stop them. While he does save a man's life, he passes out before he can capture the robbers, which frustrates him. As Dr. Wells, Caitlin and Cisco scramble to find out what's wrong with Barry, Joe comes down hard on Barry for taking the law into his own hands and risking his life. Barry realizes that it wasn't six gunmen but a metahuman named Danton Black, who can make multiples of himself. [Collapse]

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    S1:E3 Things You Can't Outun 88.24 Composite
    CW's The Flash

    As Barry and the team at S.T.A.R. Labs work to capture Kyle Nimbus a.k.a. The Mist, a dangerous new meta-human with toxic gas [Read More] powers, they revisit the painful night the particle accelerator exploded and killed Caitlin's fiancé, Ronnie Meanwhile, Joe decides to finally visit Henry in jail after all these years, but things take a dangerous turn when Kyle shows up looking to punish Joe for arresting him years ago. Meanwhile, Iris and Eddie continue to hide their relationship from Joe. [Collapse]

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    S1:E4 Going Rogue 89.44 Composite
    CW's The Flash

    The Flash stops a robbery but the culprits get away after shooting a guard, and The Flash chooses to save the man instead of [Read More] following the criminals. Joe shows Barry a book of suspects and Barry identifies Leonard Snart as the leader of the group. Snart revises his plan to steal the Kahndaq Dynasty Diamond and gets a boost when he gets his hands on a stolen "cold gun," which could kill The Flash. Dr. Wells is furious when he finds out that Cisco built the cold gun without telling anyone and now it's missing. [Collapse]

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    S1:E5 Plastique 89.41 Composite
    CW's The Flash

    After a bomb goes off downtown, the army, led by General Eiling, rolls in and takes over the case, much to Joe's surprise. [Read More] Suspicious, Joe tells Barry that he and his friends at S.T.A.R. Labs should look into the army's involvement. Wells informs the team that Eiling was experimenting on his men to turn them into super soldiers. Cisco confirms one of Eiling's soldiers, Bette Sans Souci, was at the bomb site. The Flash tracks her down and realizes that she's not setting off the bombs, she is a meta-human who can blow things up just by touching them. [Collapse]

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    S1:E6 The Flash is Born 90.59 Composite
    CW's The Flash

    Many people are now aware of the "Red Streak" saving lives, but Barry Allen is eager to make a name for himself. He [Read More] wants everyone to know who the "Red Streak" really is. Although, his actions cause unexpected consequences. [Collapse]

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    S1:E7 Power Outage 90.00 Composite
    CW's The Flash

    The Flash goes up against Farooq aka Blackout, a metahuman who can harness electricity. During their battle, Farooq zaps The [Read More] Flash and siphons all his electricity, leaving The Flash without his speed. Dr. Wells, Caitlin and Cisco work to reverse the effects on Barry, but their efforts are disrupted when Farooq comes banging on S.T.A.R. Labs doors in search of Wells, who he blames for his accident. Without Barry's powers to protect them, the group must figure out a way to save themselves from the metahuman. [Collapse]

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    S1:E8 Flash vs. Arrow 94.00 Composite
    CW's The Flash

    When a series of homicides cases involving a boomerang-like weapon brings the Arrow to Central City, the Flash must also take [Read More] care of a new metahuman who manipulates emotions. [Collapse]

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    S1:E9 The Man in the Yellow Suit 95.47 Composite
    CW's The Flash

    Iris and Eddie take their relationship to the next level. Barry faces his rival finally. A ghost of Caitlyn's past returns. [Read More] Cisco is asked for help. And there is a secret traitor among these people. [Collapse]

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    S1:E10 Revenge of the Rogues 91.25 Composite
    CW's The Flash

    As Barry is struggling to train his speed in order to beat Reverse Flash, his old friend, Captain Cold, returns to Central City [Read More] with the help of a new villain, Heat Wave. [Collapse]

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    S1:E11 The Sound and The Fury 87.06 Composite
    CW's The Flash

    After his encounter with The Rogues, Barry must face off against a new villain, Pied Piper.

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    S1:E12 Crazy For You 91.58 Composite
    CW's The Flash

    Caitlin brings Barry out to a karaoke bar, hoping they both meet someone new; Cisco thinks about Hartley's dangerous [Read More] proposition; Henry's snooping gets him into trouble. [Collapse]

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    S1:E13 The Nuclear Man 91.52 Composite
    CW's The Flash

    After Ronnie attacks a physicist, Barry and the team go after him. Joe enlists Cisco's help in the reinvestigation of Nora [Read More] Allen's murder. Barry struggles with his relationship and his duties as The Flash. [Collapse]

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    S1:E14 Fallout 91.76 Composite
    CW's The Flash

    After the nuclear explosion separates Ronnie and Dr. Stein, Barry and the team believe both men are safe. Barry gets some [Read More] important information about time travel. [Collapse]

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    S1:E15 Out of Time 96.12 Composite
    CW's The Flash

    Mark Mardon, having survived his apparent death during the black-matter explosion, returns seeking revenge on Joe for the death [Read More] of his brother Clyde and has the same weather-manipulation powers as his deceased sibling. [Collapse]

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    S1:E16 Rogue Time 88.82 Composite
    CW's The Flash

    The Flash learns that Captain Cold and Heat Wave have returned to Central City. This time Snart has brought along his baby [Read More] sister Lisa aka Golden Glider to help wreak havoc on the city. [Collapse]

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    S1:E17 Tricksters 93.49 Composite
    CW's The Flash

    A copy-cat-killer who goes by the name The Trickster starts setting off bombs in Central City. In order to stop the villain, [Read More] Barry and Joe meet with the original Trickster, a criminal mastermind named James Jesse, who has been imprisoned for 20 years. Things quickly go from bad to worse when the Tricksters unite and take Henry prisoner. Meanwhile, Iris asks Eddie for help with a case, and flashbacks show how Harrison Wells came up with the idea for the particle accelerator. [Collapse]

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    S1:E18 All Star Team Up 90.77 Composite
    CW's The Flash

    Felicity Smoak and Ray come to Central City seeking help with Ray's suit; a meta-human releases deadly robotic bees; a group [Read More] dinner does not go as planned. [Collapse]

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    S1:E19 Who Is Harrison Wells? 91.05 Composite
    CW's The Flash

    Joe and Cisco visit Starling City and ask Captain Lance for help with their investigation into Dr. Wells; Laurel asks Cisco for [Read More] a favor; Barry faces a new foe who can disguise himself into anyone he touches. [Collapse]

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    S1:E20 The Trap 93.64 Composite
    CW's The Flash

    Barry, Caitlin, Cisco, and Joe set a trap for Wells. Cisco uses himself as bait which puts him in grave danger. Meanwhile, Eddie [Read More] makes a decision regarding Iris, which leaves Joe a bit unsettled. [Collapse]

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    S1:E21 Grodd Lives 92.83 Composite
    CW's The Flash

    Barry deals with the latest threat from the Reverse-Flash; Dr. Wells distracts the team by releasing Grodd on the city; Iris and [Read More] Barry have a serious talk. [Collapse]

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    S1:E22 Rogue Air 93.33 Composite
    CW's The Flash

    Dr. Wells reactivates the particle accelerator and Barry has to move the Meta humans away. To do that, he needs help and he [Read More] chooses to ask Captain Cold for it. [Collapse]

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    S1:E23 Fast Enough 97.33 Composite
    CW's The Flash

    When the particle accelerator is back online, Barry will have to go back in time to stop Eobard Thawne on the night of his [Read More] mother's murder 15 years ago. [Collapse]

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