Marvel Releases Captain America: Steve Rogers Launch Trailer

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    • Lionors
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    What a pity Marvel didn't spend the time and money it took to produce this and use it instead to fire Spencer and replace him with a writer who can clean up this pile of rancid maggot-ridden vomit Marvel claims is a storyline.

    The fact that they're having to spend the money to promote this series at all should prove just how many fans are, like myself, refusing to buy it (or in my case, spend any money on Marvel comics or merchandise.) I've made a point of asking about sales at local comic shops, and the numbers are DOWN.  Down, as in, the only people collecting at this point are the people who never like any 'hero' unless he's a poorly masked villain (read: 99% of the so-called heroes out there any more) and the die-hard collectors -- most of whom absolutely despise this series.As for me, every time I hear about this series, it makes me throw up a little in my mouth.  What a shame Spencer lacks the talent to give an actual VILLAIN a motivation and a story arc.  As he's shown in his previous works for Marvel, all Spencer has the talent to do is destroy characters others spent years creating and fans have enjoyed for decades.  When it comes to artistry, Spencer is a 12 year old with a can of spray paint who paints dreck over classic works of art and pretends that he's the next Banksy.  

    DC, on the other hand, is doing great with Rebirth.  Marvel, how about learning a thing or two from them on respecting your classic characters?

    • Aitor
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    Yep, Spencer does not write comic books, he vomites propaganda and hate. He has destroyed Steve Rogers because he hates the character. I'm a huge fan of Steve, but if Marvel wants my money, They must fire up Spencer and give me my Capt. If Marvel destroys its storic characters and legacy , readers must boycott Marvel. And the Scarlet Witch said: no more Marvel.

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