What Is X-Men: Supernova?

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  1. Crossdive said ... (original post)

    I really wish Fox Marvel would get a full slate of movies like the DCEU and MCU have. Roll out a list of movies for the next several years and STICK TO IT. Forget the haters. And for pity's sake, get a plan together so that the movies can smoothly interconnect. X-Men has a huge fan base and has had some really great movies, just think what they could do if they really got organized and committed to it!

    I wonder if the fact that they have so many unnamed "Marvel Event Movies" on their schedule is evidence that they do actually have a plan, or are at least in the process of formulating a plan and putting it into place, behind-the-scenes. Either way, I do wish they would go public with it and be a little more transparent with fans. That would help build a lot of buzz around the X-Men as a movie franchise.

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