George Takei Just Blasted Donald Trump About Those Alleged Russian Tapings

George Takei made one of the most epic Donald Trump burns to date. The Star Trek actor took to Twitter to post about the President-elect's alleged ties to Russia.

Takei tweeted: "So if these secret Russian tapings of Trump's escapades took place at the Moscow Ritz, do we finally, truly have 'Putin on the Ritz'?"

George Takei's followers went absolutely crazy after the actor shared this humorous take on the situation. Twitter users showered the post with more than 4k likes and almost 1k retweets.

Takei was one of many celebrities to weigh in on the Donald Trump – Russia ties. Check out more of the stars who blasted the former Apprentice star below:

Donald Trump has been receiving a heavy amount of flack in the media lately especially after Sunday night's Golden Globe awards. After Florence Foster Jenkins star Meryl Streep lashed out at Trump during her Cecile B. Demille award acceptance speech, the billionaire real estate mogul took to Twitter to respond.

The President-elect slammed Streep calling her "over-rated" and a "Hillary flunky." As you might imagine, a bevy of Hollywood superstars spoke out to defend Streep.