Prison Break: Michael Is Alive Trailer Released

One of FOX's biggest hit series of the last decade is returning for a brand-new series event, and the upcoming season just got an all-new trailer. Check out the newest trailer for the upcoming season of Prison Break below!

We know what you're thinking, and you must be thinking that Michael died when Prison Break originally ended. Well, guess what? He's not dead!

As you can see from the newest trailer, Michael is alive and un-well, as he's up to his old tricks and back in prison. This time, the's prison is in a different part of the world so it's going to be extra difficult to plan any escape, but considering the event series is called "Prison Break" and not "We're In Prison And We're Going To Serve Out Our Sentences," Michael clearly won't be staying put.

Are you excited for the April 4th premiere of the upcoming season of Prison Break or do you wish the series had ended with the original outcome? Let us know in the comments!