What Happened Between Sylvester Stallone and Casey Affleck at the 2017 Golden Globes Awards?

This was a bit of a rocky situation! 

Sylvester Stallone was a proud father on Sunday as his three daughters took the stage as Miss Golden Globes 2017. The excitement he had for the night was overshadowed by a mishap in the seating arrangements at the ceremony. 

A source told E! News the Rocky star was supposed to sit near Casey Affleck and Matt Damon at the Manchester by the Sea table. However, Stallone and his wife Jennifer Flavin showed up a tad late and found only one seat available.

"He was understandably upset," the source explained. 

Another onlooker said that Affleck and the rest of stars sitting at the table were shuffling around to find room for additional seats, but it was difficult due to the tightness of the room. Therefore, Stallone and Flavin retreated to the green room to watch the show behind-the-scenes. 

During a commercial break, stage hands found room for the couple and gave them a prime-viewing seat. But, Stallone wanted to remain backstage. Another source said Affleck went up to Stallone later, acknowledged the situation and tried to smooth things over. Unfortunately, the 70-year-old was not pleased.

"Casey was nothing but gracious," the source explained. "Stallone was horrible to him and told him to get out of his face."

On the contrary, Stallone’s rep told E! News he had a very special evening. "Sylvester Stallone had a wonderful evening attending and presenting at the Golden Globes and celebrating with his family and friends," the rep said.

Originally posted on Womanista.com.

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