Classic Power Rangers Comics Getting BOOM! Studios Remasters

The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers already have two hit series at BOOM! Studios, but the company has something special planned for fans of the classics.

BOOM! Studios currently publish two Power Rangers series, but they announced at New York Comic Con that they will be remastering the classic Power Rangers comics for release in 2018 (via Power Rangers NOW).

Power Rangers fans will remember the several comics over the years, including the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series that Marvel published back in 1995. That consisted of an adaptation of Power Rangers The Movie, as well as a series of 7 issues based on the second season of the show.

The second series was called Ninja Rangers and was most notable for featuring VR Trooper back-up stories in each issue.

Hamilton Comics would also publish a series set during the Mighty Morphin era, which resulted in two separate volumes. They later released a title called Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Saga, which took the point of view of Zordon and Alpha 5 during classic Power Rangers adventures.

Image briefly got in on the action with a Power Rangers Zeo series, though it was canceled after one issue. It ended on a cliffhanger to boot, as it was supposed to be two issues, but the one-shot will be included in the remaster.

Also included will be the newer issues from Papercutz, which include comics based on Power Rangers Samurai and Power Rangers Megaforce.

This is all part of Saban's big 25th Anniversary celebration, one that will also include big things for the current Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comics at BOOM! Studios. For fans of the franchise, you're going to want both occupying a place in your collection.

You can find the official description for the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers remasters below.

This morphinominal, remastered Archive contains the explosive Power Ranger series from Marvel, Image, Papercutz, and Hamilton Comics – all collected for the first time ever. This volume chronicles Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, the Alien Rangers saga, and Power Rangers Zeo.

No price or release date has been set yet, but we'll let you know when one is announced.