Power Rangers: Austin St. John Reveals Which Marvel Hero He Would Love To Team-Up With

The Power Rangers have plenty of power at their command, but what if they were to get some help from the Marvel universe?

That was the premise of a question asked at San Francisco Comic Con, where Mighty Morphin Power Rangers' Red Ranger Austin St. John was asked who he would like to team up with (via Steven Alvarez). The choice was between the Guardians of the Galaxy and the Avengers, and there was definitely a clear favorite.

"I would have to get down and jam with the Hulk," St. John said. "I just like "Hulk Smash". That would be stupid cool. I would have a blast with that."

While St. John would love to battle alongside the green goliath, he would also like to meet Captain America. You might think the two would get along quite well, but the meeting would really be about putting the Avengers leader in his place.

"Captain America, ehhhh, cool shield. Check out the Power Sword," St. John said.

That fight would be amazing to see in live-action, as it would clearly come down to straight fighting skills. Both of their weapons would likely cancel each other out, and both possess superhuman strength and combat abilities.

Where the Red Ranger outshines Cap though is in the Zord department, as Captain American does not have a giant robotic dinosaur to call on whenever he chooses. Sorry cap, but a Zord beats a shield any day of the week.

Can you imagine what a Zord Hulk team-up would look like? It would be insane, especially if the team-up used the original Power Rangers footage.

Despite a low budget and technology restrictions, those original Zords are still beloved to this day, and St. John explains why.

"Well, the originals were iconic because they were the first," St. John said. "I remember the old TV show Voltron which was big and had the robots, that's what I saw and I loved it. I wanted one of those immediately, it shot the missiles, I can remember that to this day, so I think the first are iconic because they were the first. They weren't incredibly well shot, I mean it was guys in costumes in a miniature city, so you know you can't say that a lot of money was put into it, but they sure made a couple of billion dollars selling them."

While it won't include the Red Ranger, Hulk will appear once again in Thor: Ragnarok, which hits theaters on November 3, 2017.

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