Star Trek: Destruction Of The Enterprise Supercut

The FailTrain Network on YouTube brings us a supercut of all the times that the Star Trek Enterprise has been completely destroyed. Starting with the original film series to the Picard run of films and then on to the lens flare filled JJ Abrams Star Trek film re-boot.

This video montage of death and destruction brings up a really important question, one that I haven't really seen discussed before. (I'm sure there are gigabytes worth of web forums devoted to the subject somewhere, but I haven't seen them.)

Why no seat belts on The Enterprise?

Or airbags or any safety measures on the enterprise? I mean they have teleportation technology... but not something that American cars had in the 1950's? I feel like it would be pretty easy to have some sort of gravity heavy tech in their uniforms that would keep them in their seat as opposed to flying around the ship? I understand that some sort of harness wouldn't have kept them safe in the explosions, but surely there would be a considerable fewer number of head trauma victims when the saucer portion of the Enterprise goes crashing into the planet Star Trek: Generations. Just on a practical matter harnesses would allow the crew to actually pilot the ship when the inertial dampers went down.

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