'Star Trek: Discovery' Showrunner On Keeping Its Modern Aesthetic In Line With Canon

It sounds like Star Trek: Discovery's creative team has a unique challenge when bringing the series' aesthetic to life.

In a recent interview with TrekMovie, Discovery EP Alex Kurtzman discussed many aspects of the popular CBS All Access series - including its unique place in the canon. As Kurtzman explained, the series' position in the Trek timeline (ten years before the events of the Original Series), creates a conundrum in terms of props and costumes.

"Obviously [Discovery] looks more modern than The Original Series," Kurtzman argued. "Because we are in a modern world now and if we made the show look that way people would not feel that it was worth the money."

But with Discovery boasting a pretty hefty budget, Kurtzman says that the series has the ability to make its aesthetic as cohesive as possible, without creating technology that would be too advanced for that time period.

"That being said, every prop and costume design is filtered through what existed at the time." Kurtzman revealed. "And do we create the new version of it or do we augment the original design in very subtle ways or do we just leave it alone? And when I say every prop and design choice I mean every prop and design choice."

According to Kurtzman, this will manifest in unique ways throughout Discovery - something that The Original Series superfans will hopefully appreciate.

"So, I think you will see a lot of tips of the hat to devices to The Original Series and the timeline." Kurtzman added. "But, obviously we wanted to create a more modern experience and that necessitated certain adjustments."

And while some of those adjustments might not be explained away within the world of Discovery, the franchise allows plenty of avenues for fans to get answers. After all, the tie-in novel Star Trek: Discovery: Desperate Hours solved one of the most buzzing questions - the difference in Starfleet unifroms.

A new episode of Star Trek: Discovery, titled “The Butcher's Knife Cares Not for the Lamb's Cry” will stream tonight on CBS All Access at 8:30 p.m. ET.