Two Darth Vader Scenes Rumored Cut From Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

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    • NRoss56
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    I disagree completely. This fits perfectly as an opening scene to the film/introduction of Vader.  Vader could have taken the Jedi Temple and allowed the Empire to farm the crystals. The two guardians, Churrit and Baze, could escape with their lives (but perhaps one loses his sight) as Vader deems them insignificant to pursue once he has captured the Temple. In fact, leaving the guardians of the Temple crippled and wandering Jedah would be an excellent way to quell rebels amongst the population of one of the Jedi's ancient homes. This fits a lot better into the overall plot than a Saw/Vader showdown. It shows us how the Empire took the Temple to mine the crystals and adds back story to two of our team. 

    A Saw/Vader showdown doesn't advance the plot unless it's the moment that Jyn and Saw separate. 

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