Rogue One: Hilarious Behind-the-Scenes Video of Star Wars Rebels Cameo

Following the two-part mid-season premiere of Star Wars Rebels, the aftershow, Rebels Recon, revealed some of the secrets from the show. But as a special surprise, it also revealed some secrets behind Rogue One: A Star Wars Story - well, kind of anyway. Chopper, the lovable and grumpy droid from Rebels, made a cameo in Rogue One, helping connect the show to the film, and Rebels Recon gave us a look at his experience - and the way he's become a bit of a primadonna now that he's a movie star.

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It features Chopper. In a scarf. COME ON.

Chopper harangues a Rebel comms officer, roams around the set (where he's actually seen in the film), and most hilariously, gets snubbed by R2-D2, who is far too Hollywood after being one of the extremely rare characters who has been in all eight live-action Star Wars films so far.

Chopper can be spotted at the base on Yavin when Mon Mothma is walking to the outside and gets stopped to be told about portions of the fleet leaving for Scarif, despite the vote not being unanimous. He's one of a handful of Star Wars Rebels references, cameos, and Easter eggs, and it's nice to see that if nothing else, Chopper is still fighting the good fight when the Rebellion begins in earnest.

Check out the full Rebels Recon episode above, or if you just want to see Chopper's part, start at about 4:33.

(Photo: Lucasfilm)

Star Wars Rebels follows the adventures of Hera (Vanessa Marshall), Sabine (Tiya Sircar), Zeb (Steve Blum), and the Jedi Kanan (Freddie Prinze, Jr.) and Ezra (Taylor Gray), a small crew that's finding their way in the nascent Rebel Alliance a few years before the events of Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope. Executive produced by Simon Kinberg and Dave Filoni, the in-canon series helps to connect the worlds of the films and the previous animated series, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, with guest appearances so far by characters like Lando Calrissian, Ahsoka Tano, Darth Vader, Darth Maul, Leia Organa, Wedge Antilles, and more.

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