ABC Head Says Only General Conversations Have Taken Place About Star Wars TV

If you're holding out for a Star Wars live-action TV series after last year's TCA event, the head of ABC, Channing Dungey, says you're going to be waiting quite a bit longer. While speaking to EW about basically the entire ABC line-up, Dungey expressed quite a bit of caution when it comes to Star Wars TV.

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"That was a conversation at TCA [2016] that got blown way out of proportion," she said. "We have had some conversations in general about wanting to find a way to bring something from the Lucas[film] Star Wars universe to ABC, but that's far into the future."

Dungey implied the talks haven't ever progressed beyond the very basics. Obviously Disney, who owns Lucasfilm and ABC, would love that corporate synergy to happen, but all in due time. With Marvel Studios, who Disney also owns, an entire phase of movies had already been released before the first TV series came to be. Indeed, Dungey mentioned the films Lucasfilm has on their slate already.

"The focus at the moment for Lucas[film] is on the current stuff that they're doing on the film side, and then, of course, they do have the stuff that they are doing on [Disney] XD," she said.

The latter refers to Star Wars Rebels, though there have also been rumors of another animated series in the works, either to take the place of Rebels or to supplement it with other content. Most recently, executive producer Dave Filoni stepped away from the daily Supervising Director duties, and was put in charge of "developing future projects" for Lucasfilm animation as well as continuing to oversee and sometimes write directly for Rebels.

The dream of a Star Wars live-action TV series isn't dead, but it's nowhere close to being realized yet, either. George Lucas originally developed a live-action series, and reportedly even had several finished scripts in hand as well as assets created for it, but it never got off the ground. With the success of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and Star Wars Rebels, it's clear that fans are ready and willing for more Star Wars content than just the core Skywalker saga.

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