Which Fear Characters Could Fit On The Walking Dead?

(Photo: AMC)

Fear the Walking Dead's characters are a long way from The Walking Dead, both geographically and mentally. In terms of time, we recently learned that Fear has just hardly caught up to The Walking Dead's original starting point.

So, if Fear the Walking Dead were to ever catch up to The Walking Dead's timeline and move its characters to the same geographical location, which characters would actually fit in to The Walking Dead's tone? Could all of those west coast survivors actually hang with Rick, Daryl and Michonne? Absolutely not.

Of all the characters currently living in Fear the Walking Dead's world, not all of them would be a good fit for Rick's group. Surely, if they're going to survive any scenario which brings them to Alexandria, they'll be much evolved. For today's sake, though, we'll just run through where the characters are currently.

Right off the bat, we can rule out Ophelia and Alicia. Even though Ophelia seems to be crafty at times, neither of the two young ladies bring much to the table in terms of survival. Much of the time on Fear has been spent keeping them alive or recovering from Alicia's poor choices. Madison, however, may be able to fit in. She quickly adapted to the world in season one, putting down the undead principal at her school, and prioritizes herself and her family before anything else. Sounds familiar.

On the men's side of the group, Travis would be the least likely to fit into Rick's group. Reasoning and morality rarely see success around Alexandria's borders. Chris's behavior would also be something Rick would not want to tolerate, so his banishing or killing would not be unfathomable. Strand's ability to talk so persuasively would certainly come in handy, as would Nick's ability to adapt. Assuming Daniel survived the fire at the Abigail estate, though, his haste and refusal to trust anyone could prove costly.

So, in short, which members of Fear's west coast family could actually fit in to The Walking Dead universe? Nick and Strand are frontrunners with Madison not far behind.

Fear the Walking Dead returns with the second half of its second season on August 21 and The Walking Dead returns for its seventh season in October.