Fear The Walking Dead: Is Chris Dead?

Spoilers for Fear the Walking Dead's Pillar of Salt episode follow!

The second half of Fear the Walking Dead's second season has followed its scattered group sporadically (with brilliant pacing) as they have found various sanctuaries south of the American border. For the first time, though, it looks like some of the gang may be coming back together.

The final moments saw Madison illuminating the hotel's lights in hopes that her son Nick would see it. However, it wasn't Nick that saw the lights. It was her all-but-forgotten (seriously, she hasn't mentioned him at all) boyfriend Travis who saw the lights of the hotel from a distance and started in their direction.

What was most intriguing about the moment, though, was the fact that Travis looked to be alone. He also looked fairly distraught with a less than pleasant look on his face and a beard growing in. Beards are never a good sign for mental health in the apocalypse. Ask Rick Grimes.

Chris was nowhere to be found after last being seen in gunning down a farmer defending his own property in front of his father.

The same signs of crazy being shown by Chris were shown by Shane Walsh in the second season of The Walking Dead. We all saw how that turned out but in case you need a refresher: Rick had to kill him for his own and those around him's safety.

The thirteenth episode of Fear the Walking Dead's second season, which will air on September 25, will explore the unseen journey of Travis and Chris which lead to Travis seeing the hotel lights.

Is it possible Chris is dead? Yes. Is it possible that Travis killed Chris to protect himself and those around him? Yes.

To further the possibilities, Lorenzo James Henrie (the actor who plays Chris) has joined the cast of Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. as Gabe, Ghost Rider's brother. Cast members on The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead are contractually forbidden from recurring on other series. In other words, Henrie joining S.H.I.E.L.D. all but spells out Chris' fate for us.


It had looked unlikely that both Travis and Chris would survive the season. Though Chris has adapted to the world quicker than most, it is largely due to the loss of his mother removing his sense of morality and care for others. His being cold towards all of those around him has removed his sensibility and logic, putting himself and immediate actions at the forefront.

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