The Walking Dead Spoilers: Five Moments To Expect When Season 7 Returns

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    So im thinking Sasha doesn't fully get Holly's Death even tho she is on Holly's path in the Show! But I think it's more of a Remix of sorts! I believe Negan's responsible for her death and lets her turn. But She I think will have some vision of Abe or dream sequence since Michael Cudlitz was snuck on set not so secretly!!! But its gonna be Awesomeness to see Rick and Co. To meet up with King Ezekiel and the Kingdom!! But what I can't wait to see is the return of Badass OG Carol!!!! 

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  1. Fuck off w/this shit, if it's not about the article then it don't need to be here. I'm sick of ass holes putting shit in the comments about making money online.

  2. I agree about the part when Rick and the gang see Carol (and Morgan, too, I guess) for the first time!  It should be quite interesting. I wonder if Carol will still want to be left alone, especially when she finds out what really happened to Abraham and Glenn!

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    Spoiler bastard 

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