‘Supernatural’: [SPOILER] Just Claimed Castiel Is Their Father

Warning! Spoilers for Supernatural’s season 13 premiere lie below!

Tonight, Supernatural made its comeback after a long season away, and it did so with a bang. The series saw Dean and Sam deep in mourning after many of their allies died in the fight against Lucifer, but the loss of Castiel is weighing on most everyone’s mind. However, there is one kid who is feeling it the most.

When Supernatural kicked off with “Lost and Found,” fans watched as Lucifer’s son did his best to find his father. Everyone suspected the boy was talking about the devil himself, but the nephilim had fans stunned when he told Sam his father was not Lucifer; It is Castiel.

Of course, fans know that Jack is the biological son of Lucifer; The devil possessed the body of the U.S. president and conceived the boy with Kelly, the politician’s aide. However, when it comes to choosing his own family, Jack said he wants Castiel to be his father.

The revelation went down when Sam and Jack were held in a prison cell with one another. Dean was dealing with a sheriff who had learned of Jack’s powers, and Sam wanted to know just why Jack was a teenager despite him having just been born. The boy says he was forced to grow up fast since his mother told him the world was dangerous and would try to hurt him. Kelly went on and said Castiel is Jack’s father, leaving the boy to form his image of family around the angel.

Castiel being a father isn’t a new idea as the angel’s host did have children before he gave himself up to possession. However, fans did not expect Jack to latch onto the angel so tightly. Castiel grew to be protective of Jack last season after the angel was shown a vision of the future, but he never revealed exactly what was shown to him. With Castiel now dead, fans are left to wonder how the events of Jack’s life will play out, and they can only hope it doesn’t end in (another) apocalypse.

Supernatural airs on The CW on Thursdays at 7:00 CST.

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