‘Supernatural’ Producers Reveal Exactly When Castiel Will Return

Fans are still sniffling over the latest premiere of Supernatural, but things won’t be sad for too long - well, mostly. It’s not just Dean who has been hit hard by Castiel’s death last season, and one Supernatural producer just revealed when fans will see the angel next.

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Robert Singer gave a clear-cut answer to Castiel’s awaited revival. The co-showrunner told the site that Castiel will reappear in the third episode of season 13, but that doesn’t mean the hero will be reunited with the Winchester Brothers. According to Singer, Castiel’s whereabouts will be kept secret for sometime.

Of course, the producer could not say much about where Castiel may reappear, but he could say it is a “very, very dark place.” The location won’t be predictable, so don’t go thinking it is heaven, hell, or somewhere in-between.

“It’s a place we’ll be seeing for the first time through his eyes,” co-showrunner Andrew Dabb revealed.

As for Misha Collins, the actor says Castiel will not be very interested in the hideaway. “I really think that this is potentially the most boring place in the universe,” the actor said. Collins also said Castiel will be “really preoccupied with the notion of getting back to the boys and Jack.”

As for when the angel will reunite with Team Free Will, that has already been scheduled. Collins revealed his character will meet back up with the Winchesters and Lucifer’s son in episode six this season.

Fans are excited for Castiel to get back to Earth, but there is an added element added to the angel's resurrection this time around. The premiere of Supernatural's new season revealed that Jack views Castiel as his father instead of Lucifer, and the nephilim was gutted to learn of his dad's death. Many are already hyping up how the two will finally meet face-to-face, and it may be too much for some fans to handle.

Supernatural airs on The CW on Thursdays at 7:00 CST.

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