Rambo 5 Rumored To Be Titled Last Blood

In what seems to be a play to give the franchise an official "ending," the planned, fifth Rambo film will reportedly be titled Last Blood.

The first film in the franchise, of course, was called First Blood -- based on the novel by the same name by David Morell, who has done work for Marvel Comics on Captain America and Spider-Man.

"The character in my novel First Blood is different from the way he is portrayed in the film adaptation," Morell recently said in response to a scholarly analysis of the character's depictions over time. "But both are vastly different from the approach to him in the second and third films. The character in the fourth is in keeping with how he is depicted in the novel, however. Four Rambos. Weird."

ComingSoon.net reports that franchise star Sylvester Stallone will write and direct the film, as he did with 2008's Rambo, which turned out to be a surprise met, earning $113.2 million worldwide on a $50 million budget. At that time, reports surfaced that a prospective fifth Rambo film would adapt James Byron Huggins' novel Hunter.

In late 2009, though, Stallone revealed that while he held the Hunter rights at the time, he planned on using the story for a different movie -- presumably a straight adaptatio of Hunter rather than the modified version that a Rambo movie would demand. That film never happened.

Rambo: Last Blood is also the name of an online Flash game from the developer of The Last of Us. You can play it here.