Big Hero 6's Baymax Voted As Most Huggable Character For National Hugging Day


Did you know that today is National Hugging Day? Because it is.

But instead of invading strangers’ personal space with unwelcome embraces, you can celebrate the peculiar holiday with Big Hero 6’s Baymax, who was just voted the Most Huggable Character of 2015. Mazel tov, Baymax.

And yes, National Hugging Day is an official holiday recognized by the U.S. Copyright Office. cCreated in 1986 by Michigan’s Rev. Kevin Zaborney, the holiday is supposed encourage everyone to openly express themselves through act of hugging. It sounds like a bunch of lawsuits waiting to happen, but we won’t be ones to judge.

Baymax does seem to be an appropriate winner. He was created as a personal care robot, after all. And honestly, who wouldn’t want to wrap their arms around a walking, talking marshmallow man? Never mind all those armaments and weapons that his partner outfits him with at the end of Big Hero 6, though. We’re sure he’s still pretty cuddly even then.

To celebrate Baymax’s momentous occasion, a special video of the character's best hugs was released. Now, you can feel the love all day long.

Big Hero 6 is available on Digital HD starting February 3rd, and Blu-Ray and DVD on February 24th.

And sorry, Batman. Maybe you'll win Most Huggable Character next year.