This Is The Best Joker Cosplay Ever! The Trophy Wall!


Go to any convention and you’ll see your fair share of Joker cosplayers, but this one certainly ranks among the best. Cosplayer Anthony Misiano has taken a 2005 commission from legendary artist Brian Bolland, and recreated it in all its realistic glory.

Joker Trophy

The piece, which showcases the famed Batman villain sitting in a chair with the heads of his adversaries (the Bat-Family) mounted on the wall behind him, was put together by “roughly 45 photos,16 of which just for the Joker alone,” according to Misiano. Anthony was recently profiled by Gametraders and goes into detail on how he brought this photo to life, you can check it out here.


Looking to hang this on your own wall in your home? Why not check out Misiano’s store where he’s selling the “Trophies” image as a limited-run poster. 

What do you think readers? Where does this rank among your favorite cosplay recreations?

(via Reddit)