Casting Call: Casting the Perfect Cable


As X-Men: Apocalypse nears its 2016 release, it seems like every X-character has been cast; from Jubilee to Psylocke, to possibly Angel. But, there seems to be one character whose inclusion would have made the most sense, but is presently missing: Cable.

With an X-Force film possibly coming 2018 however, Fox could just be waiting for the right time to introduce the character. But given Cable’s and Apocalypse’s history as one of the best known rivalries in comics, it feels odd that Cable is missing from the roster. Cable’s creator, Rob Liefeld, even admitted that he “seriously doubts Cable appears” in Apocalypse. He’s come close, as Liefeld also made light of the fact that in X-Men: Days of Future Past's original screenplay, Bishop was initially written as Cable. In case you’re unfamiliar on who exactly Cable is, his origin isn’t the most accessible. We'll just just leave it at this: He was the son of Cyclops and a cloned Jean Grey that was sent 2000 years in the future to be a soldier against Apocalypse. Got all that? Good.

So which actor should don the bionic arm and comically-sized guns? While Stephen Lang seems to be the fan-favorite, and even guys like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson threw their names in as potentials, here are a few alternatives that might seem out of the box, but could potentially work.

Jon Hamm


Hamm has made a name for himself as Don Draper, enigmatic marketing savior, but he’s shown a greater range with TV specials such as The Young Doctor’s Notebook, Saturday Night Live, 30 Rock. Hamm also possesses one of the most demanding voices in Hollywood, making you sit up and pay attention to every last syllable. Finally, Hamm is one of the few “leading men" out there who haven’t had a chance to get on the comic book movie bandwagon. Cable seems like a good place to start.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan


Mr. Morgan here is no stranger to comic book movies, having already donned the Comedian’s domino mask in Zack Snyder’s Watchmen, played the bad ass Clay in The Losers, and held a small role as Jeb Turnbill in Jonah Hex. Morgan meets most of the prerequisites for Cable and can hold his own, even in a massive cast. His gravely voice and stern demeanor could work well when leading a field-team against Apocalypse’s forces, or any army for that matter.

Ron Perlman

Ron Perlman

Yeah, he’s Hellboy. He’ll always be Hellboy. But, what if…?

Perlman has the right look, mannerisms, and barking voice that's custom-made for the personification Cable needs on screen. It’s hard to put into words how utterly uncanny Perlman's performance could bring to the X-franchise. Perlman’s grisly personality and statuesque build are all part of the mental checklist when drafting things you want to see in a Cable casting.

Reloading For The Future

Cable is a soldier of the future, having experienced one of the worst timelines imaginable in the Marvel mythos. X-Force Screenwriter Jeff Wadlow has already stated that the X-Force movie definitely won't have an “iconic line-up," but it’s hard to imagine that Cable's absence beyond the next year or so. With Hugh Jackman stepping down as Wolverine after Wolverine 3, could the X-franchise turn to Cyclops’ son and his band of militant mutants as the franchise's next direction? That decision all falls upon Cable's casting.

So what say you, readers? Could Cable become just as popular as Wolverine if he had the right actor portraying him? What are you looking for in the perfect Cable casting? Let us know.