Fantastic Four's Kate Mara Was Surprised By How Negative People Were Initially


Speaking to MTV, the cast of Fox’s upcoming Fantastic Four reboot film reflected on the early apprehension that the movie received from fans.

“I was very surprised at first, before any trailers were out, how negative people were about it without seeing anything,” said Kate Mara, who plays the Invisible Woman, Sue Storm, in the film.

A lot of that apprehension was likely due to Fox’s previous two Fantastic Four movies, which were not well-loved by fans. Mara noted that, once director Josh Trank’s vision for the franchises was put out there for audiences to see, people began to come around.

“Then, that very quickly changed when we actually showed some footage,” she said. “So that was a nice thing.”

While the film still has a long way to go before completely winning over the fan culture’s hive-mind, which could probably now be described as, at best, being “cautiously optimistic” about the film, the trailers shown so far have already done an impressive job of getting many of the naysayers at least interested in what the film has to offer.

Fantastic Four opens August 8.