Batman: Arkham Knight Trailer Easter Eggs Revealed

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Batman: Arkham Knight’s recent “Be The Batman” trailer might have ventured off the beaten path with its live-action vignette, but it was still stuffed with a Batcave’s worth of Easter Eggs. While some were obvious, others could have tested even the Dark Knight’s mettle. But thankfully, game developer Rocksteady Studios tasked its Twitter followers to, well, Be The Batman, and uncover the clues linking the trailer’s ordinary citizens to the world of Gotham.

And was right there with them. Below, we uncover every known Batman Easter egg and reference (so far) buried in the trailer.

First up, we see a lone figure standing in an alleyway. If you look to the right of the alley, you’ll notice it stands beside a theater. This most likely makes the trailer’s alley Crime Alley, the famed passageway where Bruce Wayne’s parents were murdered by a mugger. In the comics, Crime Alley is also sandwiched between a theater and another building. The trailer further hints that this is crime ally when the man looks at a picture of himself and his (presumably) dead parents.

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Moving on, we see sports trainers mending up an athlete. In the opening shot of this segment, a bat-symbol (or at least half of one) is visible on the athlete’s shoulder. Nice ink, bro.

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But when the athlete walks down a tunnel later in the trailer, the tunnel’s illuminating lights reveal the number “27” on his jersey. Twenty-Seven is the issue number of Detective Comics that Batman made his big debut in, way back in 1939.

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Next, when a courageous fireman approaches a building engulfed in flames, the building ignites into a fireball. But just before the flames dissipate, they form a bat-signal with a shape like Batman: Arkham Knight’s logo.

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In the trailer’s following subway sequence, a good Samaritan confronts a gang of thugs harassing the subway’s passengers. As the man finds his inner mojo, a batarang appears on the window behind him.

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But these goons aren’t your average brawlers. If you look closely at the thug on the left, you’ll see a penguin tattoo on his neck. This is a shout-out to Batman villain The Penguin, who has a small army of crooks and thieves scattered throughout Gotham City.

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So there you have it, folks. The shadow of the bat was certainly was certainly cast long for this impressive trailer. But were there any other Easter eggs that we missed? Take another look and let us know in the comments.

Batman: Arkham Knight hits X-Box One, PS4, and PC on June 23.