Robbie Amell Weighs In On Batman V. Superman


Firestorm actor Robbie Amell has seen plenty of superhero teamups in his day, having fought alongside The Flash and Arrow on The CW’s Flash series. So, he’s a pretty high authority on the topic of live-action teamups. What, then, does he think of the DC Comics superhero mashup to end all other DC Comics superhero mashups, Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice?

Surprisingly, Amell is actually a little worried about the project. It’s not that Amell doubts the film. It's just that he knows Zack Snyder’s upcoming Batman and Superman brawl—which also has Wonder Woman and Aquaman in the mix—is a tall order for anyone. But hey, at least he’s excited for Batfleck.

Here’ what he had to say in a recent interview with ScreenRant.

“I’m very interested in Ben Affleck as Batman. I actually think he’s a great choice. I’m a little worried about a Batman versus Superman movie just because it’s… I just think it’s really tough to pull off. I’m very excited about seeing it, but I think it’s really tough to balance those two characters in the same movie. But I’m a huge Ben Affleck fan. I think he’s a great choice for Bruce Wayne. As long as he doesn’t have a Boston accent, I think he’s going to be awesome.”

Do you think Amell has a right to be worried? Do you agree with is assessment of Ben Affleck? Let us know in the comments.

Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters on March 25, 2016.