The Walking Dead Season 6: Five Things We Learned From Comic Con

Among the exciting news buzzing about from last weekend's San Diego Comic Con International, is lots of The Walking Dead news.

We've compiled a list of five things we learned about the upcoming season.

Rick & Morgan

The relationship between Rick and Morgan will be a focal point of season six. This was largely assumed after Morgan's journey to finding Rick Grimes was completed only to find him executing Pete Anderson. The trailer seems to put that two at some serious odds but showrunner Scott Gimple teased that the production team likes to manufacture trailers which manipulate our perception of what is happening as opposed to what is actually going to happen when the show returns.

Nonetheless, Andrew Lincoln and Lennie James, who play Rick and Morgan, respectively, both vaguely discussed the future in Alexandria. All signs point to some power struggles and new leaders emerging.

Flashback Episode

Prior to SDCC, Scott Gimple said season six would "thicken" the backstory. During the Hall H panel, Gimple revealed that he is working on an entire flashback episode. As frustrating as those can be when they typically follow a huge cliffhanger the previous week, The Walking Dead could use some refreshing forms of story telling.

As for what this flashback episode would entail, there was nothing official shared. There are some speculative candidates, though. Perhaps the flashback will explore how Alexandria came to be the Safe-Zone it is now and why Alexander Davidson was banished. Maybe we'll learn more about the Wolves as we figure out if they're the television counter part of the DC Scavengers or Saviors from the comics. Heck, maybe we'll go far enough back to get another scene with Shane Walsh.

Lots of Walkers

Scott Gimple, Gale Anne Hurd, and Greg Nicotero (who directed season 6's premiere) promised a lot of zombies this season, in case the trailer didn't make that clear. In fact, one episode involves more walkers than ever. One day, the set had over 300 people in zombie make-up at one time. This sure sounds like the "No Way Out" storyline from the comics where *-spoiler ahead-* Carl gets shot in the eye by a zombie-chow Douglas Monroe.

Merritt Wever

Merritt Wever was officially announced as joining the cast of The Walking Dead as a character from the comics when it returns in October. Who will she play? This information wasn't disclosed, but it's likely she'll be playing Denise Cloyd. Denise is one of three Alexandria Safe-Zone doctors in the comics but the show really emphasized Peter Anderson's importance as a doctor with no mention of Denise, so it's possible this can change or Wever can be playing a different character. The two other off-season casting announcements have been Corey Hawkins as Heath and Ethan Embry as a pissed off Alexandrian in the season six trailer.

A Kick-A-- Trailer & Premiere Date

Was this the best trailer for The Walking Dead ever, or what? "Do you have any idea who you're talking to?" Chills! The inner struggle at the Safe-Zone, Rick's battle with right and wrong with himself and the community, and lots and lots of walkers... What more can fans of The Walking Dead ask for? How about a premiere date on October 11, the week after our walker fix with the companion six Fear The Walking Dead concludes? Sounds great. Thank you, AMC!

What are you most excited about for The Walking Dead's return?