Dave Bautista Wants To Be In A Star Wars Film

Not content with playing a key role in one of the Marvel Universe's most beloved franchises, former WWE superstar Dave Bautista wants a piece of a galaxy far, far away.

Not only does he want the gig -- but he's got a plan for making it a reality.

...Of course, that plan is basically "just keep whining about it until they stick me in one out of frustration." But it's a plan.

And, hey, it could work. Dude has a TON of Twitter followers who could help him get loud.

Check out the tweets below, from a PR livetweet in support of Spectre, the next James Bond film in which Bautista plays a villain.

Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2, his next (confirmed) big-budget sci-fi epic, is in theaters in 2017. You can check out the release date for that and other big movies like Star Wars and Spectre here.