Stan Lee Teases That He Did His X-Men: Apocalypse Cameo With Another Person

While the revelation that his upcoming cameo in X-Men: Apocalypse is his "favorite" yet might not be big news, Stan Lee revealed a little more in the way of details about the appearance in his new interview with Larry King.

"That cameo is different than any I ever have done before because I did it with another person who is very important to me," Lee teased.

You can check the full interview out below.

The obvious guess might be his wife, Joan, although obviously there are any number of people who could be "very important" to Lee and to the film, including a member of the Kirby family, Apocalypse co-creators Walter and Louise Simonson or others.

You can see the interview above. Lee's full interview with King will be available on Hulu soon.