The Strain Season 2 Finale Recap With Spoilers: Night Train


The season two finale of The Strain begins with Eichorst (Richard Sammel), inspecting one of the Master’s new facilities. The foreman tells Eichorst that the construction is going well, but he wonders why they would choose this time and place to build an animal processing plant – compete with an incinerator. He asks Eichorst what sort of animals they will be processing, to which Eichorst responds: “sheep.”

Meanwhile at Fet’s place, Ephraim, Zach, and Nora are leaving for D.C., but not before they force Setrakian into a goodbye camera-phone picture and some hugs from Fet. Then, Eph (Corey Stoll) and co. head to the train station, while Fet (Kevin Durand) and Setrakian (David Bradley) hop in the van to go to the Occido Lumen auction. Setrakian cryptically claims that they will get the Lumen “one way or the other,” when Fet asks about the gold they are borrowing from the Ancients.

The train station is overwhelmingly crowded, and Eph, Nora (Mia Maestro), and Zach (Max Charles) find themselves waiting on the last train out of town – which is delayed. Eph asks Nora about patching up their relationship in the future, and though she dismisses him at first, they clasp hands. Nearby, Kelly (Natalie Brown) watches them. When they finally get on the train, unbeknownst to them, Eph sits down right next to Rudyard Fonescu, who is clutching a suitcase close to his chest.

Nearby at Stoneheart, Coco (Lizzie Brocheré) tells Eldritch (Jonathan Hyde) that she wants to be with him – together, forever. She proposes that he do something to make the Master and Eichorst respect him more.

Elsewhere, Gus (Miguel Gomez) introduces the freed prisoners to Mr. Quinlan (Rupert Penry-Jones). They are at first hesitant, but they quickly change their tune when Quinlan snaps the neck of the first protestor. Quinlan gives an inspiring speech about choosing between being remembered as “human animals … locked in cages” and “warriors … fighters of the highest order.” Motivated, they agree to join him.

Setrakian and Fet arrive at Creem’s auction for the Occido Lumen. Eichorst follows, explaining to Setrakian that this task was deemed to important for Eldritch to conduct in person. The two of course exchange taunting words, until it’s time for the auction to begin. Creem (Jamie Hector) quickly realizes that these men will propose any amount of money, and so he offers to just give the Lumen to whomever has access to the larger amount of gold. The winner is initially Eichorst, but Creem revokes his victory when they are unable to transfer his money – from Palmer’s bank account. Eichorst’s access was denied. In turn, Setrakian is given the Lumen.

Back in the car, Fet wonders aloud why Setrakian didn’t request backup from the Ancients, and Setrakian admits that he doesn’t plan to ever give them the Lumen. They are stopped abruptly, when another vehicle crashes into theirs, and they are attacked by a horde of vampires. They are eventually able to move their van, before Eichorst appears nearby with an army. He instructs them to bring him “the book, and the professor.”


It seems as if Fet and Setrakian will lose the battle, until Gus, Angel, and Quinlan join the fray, making the vampires scatter. Eichorst almost gets into their van, when he finds himself face to face with Quinlan. The Master speaks through Eichorst, saying, “I fear no one,” before engaging in a shootout of sorts with Quinlan. Then, Gus gets into the van and finds that Fet and Setrakian are gone. They have climbed through a hole in the floor of the van into the sewer. Gus looks up to see dynamite, just before the van explodes, possibly killing him.

Next, Eichorst visits Eldritch and Coco at the Stoneheart building, chastising them for betraying the Master. Eldritch – and notably, Coco – point out how badly Eldritch is needed and request a new bargain be made, where they can use Eldritch’s funds as desired but do not trick him ever again. The Master (Jack Kesy) appears, confirms that their deal will not change, and swiftly sucks Coco dry.

Back at the train station, the other passengers begin to clap when the train finally departs. Eph gets up to get a drink, when the train hits some sort of bump. A horde of vampires is shown on the track, and though the train seams to roll right through them at first, the force causes the train to topple and crash. With all the passengers panicking, Nora and Zach do not wait for Eph, and leave quickly, just after Zach sees that Fonescu’s suitcase was full of cash.

Eph frantically tries to find Nora and Zach, noticing the Feelers on the windows of the train. He retrieves his weapons, kills a coupe of them, and then starts running down the tracks. At one point, he finds himself surrounded by three Feelers but is able to kill them all. Nearby, Nora and Zach end up face-to-face with Kelly. Nora tries to shoot her, but Kelly dodges every bullet. Then, it seems as if Nora will win the battle, slicing at Kelly with her sword – when Zach yells at her to stop. As soon as Nora hesitates, Kelly latches onto Nora’s arm with her tongue, knocking her to the ground and infecting her.

Kelly slowly approaches Zach, who pulls out his dagger. He studies her carefully, before dropping the weapon and hugging her closely. Nora begs Zach to stop and return to her, but he doesn’t listen. Kelly begins to hear the Master summoning her, and – hand in hand – Kelly and Zach return obey his orders. When Eph finds Nora later, he is devastated. Though Zach hasn’t been turned, he has been taken, and Nora is now infected. He begs her to hold on, and to let him try to cure her. She explains that it is too late; she can already hear the Master’s voice in her hand. Nora touches her sword to the electrified railing, killing herself almost immediately.

The episode ends with Fet and Setrakian crawling out of the sewer – followed by Gus, who not only survived the explosion but also stealthily followed them. He aims his gun at Setrakian, telling him to hand over the book. Quinlan appears as well, and Setrakian begs him to listen to reason. They have the same goal, to kill the Master, and the Lumen can act as bait. Some sort of makeshift deal is struck, and Fet and Setrakian get on a boat with Quinlan, Gus, Angel, and their men.

Setrakian narrates the season’s ending while pouring over the Lumen, over cut scenes of Eph emerging from the tunnel and of Eldritch cutting out Coco’s heart. Setrakian wonders what atrocities the Master has planned for mankind.