Ryan Reynolds Says Deadpool Movie Will Touch On Where Character Fits In X-Men Universe


Deadpool will be the first comic book movie of 2016 but it is the eighth fitting into Fox's X-Men movie universe.

With so many films already in place, the movie universe's history is rich, but also cemented into place. Then comes Deadpool, a character who doesn't follow the rules, especially those of the more grounded, gritty, and mostly logical X-Men films. It leaves many of us wondering how the foul-mouthed anti-hero will fit into such a world without disrupting its flow.

"This film certainly works within the context of the X-Men universe," Reynolds tells Empire magazine, "but it doesn't necessarily include the sensibilities of an X-Men movie. It's like taking an X-Men character, pumping him full of LSD and then releasing him back into that fold."

While there are no confirmed cameos by any members of the X-Men cast, many of us are hoping to see Hugh Jackman's Wolverine appear. Reynolds' description of how the new take on Deadpool connects to the grander X-universe might just give us a bit of hope for something of the sort. The actor says Deadpool touches on the wider series "in our own very brief, glib way..."

One of Deadpool's prominent characters, Negasonic Teenage Warhead, was seen in the most recent trailer wearing an outfit consistent with that of the New Mutants look. Perhaps this is the first sign of a crossover in the future stemming from a character introduced in the merc's movie. Deadpool is already featuring Colossus, a character established in previous X-Men films.

Deadpool slices into theaters February 12.